Care Instructions

Caring for your Cheeky earrings is very easy and important.

* Please make sure they're stored in a dry place, preferably on display, especially our dangles range.

* To take off the card or off your ears, carefully pinch the earring back and slide gently from the earring stud. Try to not flex or bend clay too heavily.

* Tassels can be easily neatened up by brushing with your fingers. Cotton tassels can be lightly ironed with a very warm iron, not hot. Sandwich the tassel between some fabric while ironing.

* Do not wear your any of your cheeky products in water. Exposure to water can impact the life of the product.

* Use a damp cloth to wipe over resin side to clean. Do NOT run under water.

* Avoid exposure to alcohols, especially perfumes. This can cloud your resin finished pieces.

* ALL earrings posts are made from Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel, perfect for sensitive ears.

*Returns will not be granted for items not taken care of. 

*For hygienic reasons, no returns on change of mind are offered.