About Cheeky


Hello There Cheeky is an Adelaide based accessories brand created by sole designer Katie Long. After completing her Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design, Katie began to explore the creation of accessories and established her brand, Hello There Cheeky in 2014. Since then, Katie has explored a range of mixed mediums all with a major focus on the diverse medium of polymer clay.

Her most recent works explore a range of mixed media, colour theory and illustrational elements. Inspiration is drawn from the world around her with all ‘canvases’ created using digital drawings to aid in her passion for sustainable, mindful and authentic creation.

At Hello There Cheeky Katie is highly aware of the product polymer clay and its foot print on the earth. All products are made with great care and with the intent they will be treasured for many years to come.

All packaging is 100% reusable and recyclable, from the boxes you receive your earrings in, to the tissue they're secured in. The branded stickers are biodegradable along with the tissue paper from No Issue Tissue. All orders where possible are sent in Hero Packaging biodegradable postage bags.

Restocks and Launches are generally monthly with each month seeing NEW colour ways released.



All designs created by Hello There Cheeky are intellectual property of Katie Long, owner, designer and creator. Any infringement will be taken seriously.